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Renaissance Birthday Party

Renaissance Birthday Party

Free photoshop contest, win 100 credits!
Contest ended 8 years ago 5/14/2007 12:00:00 AM EDT

Contest Info

  • Cost: Free
  • Jackpot: 100 credits

Contest Options



In this free contest, your task is to photoshop a picture of Tanya for her 30th Birthday.

You will use any one of the provided pictures of Tanya as a substitute for the model of a painting or other form of artwork (i.e. Drew Barrymore in a Bouguereau painting, Macauley Culkin in the Scream, Madonna as the Mona Lisa or Kate Winslet in Lillith. Optionally, you may include her boyfriend Stuart.

Hit List: Mona Lisa.


  • The top entry that the client chooses will receive 100 credits*.

  • The top voting winner will get 100 credits.



  • Please upload your vector file (.ai or .eps) or high resolution photoshop files with all layers and elements intact (.psd), to the corporate files attachment area at the time you submit an entry (you will be prompted after uploading your image).

  • Do not enter slight variations of your image as separate entries. Enter them as a single entry.

  • Please leave some white space at the bottom of your entry so the worth1000 watermark doesn't overlap it.

  • Any questions about what is desired by the client may be sent to

  • The client will be granted the full rights to all aspects of the submission of their choice as a work-for-hire in exchange for the prize mentioned above.


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